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Our Story

Our parents built this house and raised a family in it. It was one of the first in the area, so the view is the envy of all latecomers to the subdivision. It is this realization that has compelled us to keep the property in the family even as my folks have decided that they want to spend more time traveling to visit grand kids. 
Over the years, my sisters have routinely visited with their young families. The house has served us well as a multigenerational gathering spot. We have cooked some amazing meals in that kitchen, played games, watched movies, sung karaoke, danced an Argentine tango in the foyer, sat on the porch discussing life's challenges, taught young children to swim, and taken more pictures than one could even imagine.
The house is upscale, comfortable, and unpretentious, and has been the destination for many a celebration: Everything from base-camp for wedding festivities, graduations, and baby showers, to wine tasting events with food pairings. 
We recently renovated the master bathroom, and the kitchen with all new appliances and have been purchasing furnishings to put the finishing touches on converting this home into a destination property for others to enjoy as much as we have over the years.
As we embrace the beauty of the Southwest, we have chosen to decorate the walls with a collection of photographs that have all been taken in Arizona by either me or my Dad.
Our guests are treated with a photo tour of Arizona during their stay, and can likely snap a few of their own... as many of the photos were taken from the front porch.
As I put together this website, I concluded that my Dad has been a great tourist in Southern Arizona. He has covered the territory! (And documented it for posterity!)
My hope is that this website can serve as an opportunity to either purchase some of our prized photos as a pleasant reminder of a recent visit, or it will inspire visitors of the website to be our guest at our Sin Vacas Hacienda!
A word (or two) on the name. For those who know the Spanish translation, it may be a confusing name. Originally, the area was called "Rancho Sin Vacas", meaning Ranch Without Cows. About 20 years ago, they dropped the "Rancho" part, so now the name is just "without cows". An odd, but true description. In 30 years, I have seen deer, bobcats, lizards, rabbits, javelina, quail, snakes, gila monsters, hawks, doves, coyotes, and even the occasional pedestrian.....but never a cow!
The entrance to Sin Vacas is a grand one, as it sets the tone for this luxury community, but a small detail in the gate itself gives a nod to it's literal name. The international "no" sign is circled around tiny little cow symbols tastefully placed in the design in the wrought iron. We decided to extend that wink to the cow by including one in our logo. We hope it does not mislead anyone into thinking a visit here is akin to the "City Slickers" movie. I assure you, it is not. It is an upscale neighborhood in a great part of Tucson.
Location, location, location! Our Hacienda is private and quiet, and feels like a remote hideaway. As a bonus, we are actually only minutes from some of the best restaurants and shopping in Tucson. Navigating through Tucson is easy in every direction from here. Go straight down Campbell Ave. to get to the University of Arizona. Go straight over on Ina Rd. to get to the I-10 interstate. Go straight over on Sunrise Rd. to reach resort Golf courses. Easy!
Relax and stay put, or explore the town!
We've lived in Tucson for over 40 years, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Hacienda and Tucson.
To check availability and reserve some time at our Hacienda, please visit the "Vacation Rental By Owner", VRBO web site. Our property number is #612464.

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Montana or Bust

March 12, 2015
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February Highlights

February 19, 2015
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New Year's Day 2015

January 03, 2015
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